Seven Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies Colorado 2021

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Seven Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies Colorado 2021, Are you searching for the best motorcar insurance inwards Colorado? We sympathize that it tin experience overwhelming, so we are here to help.

A corking insurance companionship should offer value too grip claims rapidly – then you tin can pass your time enjoying life inwards Colorado. To get the best automobile insurance rates in Colorado, get-go by getting matched to the best value providers. Simply enter your nil code into the class below to go started.

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Cheapest Car Insurance In Colorado

According to our charge per unit estimates for full coverage insurance, USAA is the cheapest provider in Colorado. A 35-twelvemonth-one-time driver with a skilful driving history may pay about $ane,070 annually amongst the fellowship. Geico, Nationwide, as well as Progressive are likewise inexpensive options for the state.

Car Insurance Provider Average Annual Cost Estimate USAA $1,070 Geico $one,198 Nationwide $ane,324 Progressive $i,426 Travelers $i,504 Auto-Owners $ane,806 American Family Insurance $2,034 What Is The

Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Colorado?

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Colorado motorcar insurance rates inward 2018 averaged $ane,133 per year. That was a scrap higher than the national average of $ane,057, which placed Colorado in the 15th place out of all of the U.south. states for motorcar insurance.

Here’second a breakdown of the coverage costs for auto insurance inwards Colorado that yr:

Type of Coverage Average Annual Expenditure in 2017 Liability coverage $687 Collision coverage $331 Comprehensive coverage $272 Total price $i,133 *Most drivers conduct liability coverage merely not necessarily other types of motorcar insurance. Total average annual expenditure measures what Colorado drivers actually spent on motorcar insurance in 2018.

Annual Colorado Car Insurance Estimates By Age

Younger drivers are more likely to go into an accident, then they pay more for insurance. In Colorado, a 24-year-onetime may pay 30 per centum more than a 35-twelvemonth-old, according to our charge per unit estimates.

Age Colorado Annual Car Insurance 24 $2, $ane,688 Annual Colorado Car Insurance Estimates By Gender
In Colorado, men pay $23 more per yr for full coverage automobile insurance than women on average.

Gender Colorado Annual Car Insurance Female $ane,676 Male $one,699 Annual Colorado Car Insurance Estimates

For Drivers With Bad Credit

Colorado allows automobile insurance companies to purpose credit reports to ready rates. A driver amongst fair credit may pay xx percentage more, piece a driver amongst pitiful credit may pay lxx pct more than for car insurance.

Credit Rating Colorado Annual Car Insurance Good $one,688 Fair $two,016 Poor $two,862 Annual Colorado Car Insurance Estimates For Bad Drivers
According to our charge per unit estimates, a speeding ticket tin can enhance your rates past 21 per centum, while beingness at error inwards an accident can raise them by 48 percent.

Driving Record Colorado Annual Car Insurance Clean $1,688 Speeding Ticket $ii,045 At-Fault Accident $two,500 DUI $ii,591 5 Best Car Insurance Companies In Colorado
You take options for car insurance inwards Colorado. In fact, y’all may feel similar yous accept also many options. To assistance salve yous fourth dimension together with try, we have plant the pinnacle 5 choices for motorcar insurance providers in Colorado. All of them performed good inward our enquiry of the best motorcar insurance companies, where nosotros ranked providers on the following:

* Financial force
* Availability
* Customer service
* Cost
* Coverage
* Technology

Overall, nosotros think Geico is the best pick for Colorado motorcar insurance because of its reputation for quick claims together with depression average price.

*Not all providers were included inwards our rate estimates inward each land.

#ane Geico: Best For Cheap Car Insurance In Colorado

If you lot’re looking for proficient motorcar insurance rates in Colorado, Geico is a keen home to first. The company tends to live an affordable option for many Coloradans, including drivers who accept had tickets inwards the past.

The fellowship wrote over $33 billion in premiums in 2020, according to the NAIC. It has an A++ financial forcefulness rating from AM Best, as well as it has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

In addition to measure coverages, which we volition talk over below, Geico offers an extra option called mechanical breakdown insurance that is like to an extended warranty. It applies to novel or virtually-novel cars and covers repairs for mechanical items, minus exclusions.

One downside is that the procedure of getting a quote in addition to buying Colorado machine insurance from Geico doesn’t stand out from the crowd. It performed below the industry average on the J.D. Power 2021 U.southward. Insurance Shopping Study℠.

Pros Cons A+ rating from the BBB too A++ financial strength rating from AM Best Average quotes experience Many choices for coverage Usage-based app non available inwards all states High grade of client satisfaction Available inwards fifty states To learn more nigh the motorcar insurance provider, bank check out our Geico machine insurance review.

#2 State Farm: Runner-Up For Colorado Car Insurance

It’sec always a skillful idea to expect at more than than 1 companionship when shopping for automobile insurance in Colorado. After Geico, State Farm machine insurance is a corking option. State Farm is the largest car insurance provider in the U.due south. in addition to the largest insurer in Colorado, according to the NAIC.

The companionship keeps customers’ budgets inward mind – it cut rates by 4.7 percentage in March 2018 too percentage inwards March 2019. In a land where rates have been on the rise, that can assistance many people salvage on their insurance.

State Farm performed to a higher place average on the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Claims Satisfaction Study℠, in addition to the companionship has an A+ rating from the BBB. State Farm’sec mobile app has a four.vii-star rating on Google Play in addition to iv.eight on the App Store. Its other apps – Drive Safe & Save and Steer Clear, both of which render discounts – besides take like ratings from thousands of State Farm customer reviews.

In addition to a range of standard coverage options, State Farm can furnish coverage for locomote expenses related to accidents, rideshare drivers, as well as roadside assist. Depending on your state of affairs, you could detect a bully rate on Colorado machine insurance through State Farm.

Pros Cons Largest motorcar insurer inward the land Reported errors amongst autopay Extensive selection of discounts for teens in addition to students Not taking new customers in Massachusetts or Rhode Island Positive client reviews too tardily quote process Higher rates than just about competitors Available in 48 states Superior financial strength rating too A+ rating from the BBB To larn more nigh the machine insurance provider, cheque out our State Farm car insurance review.

#3 Progressive: Best For High-Risk Drivers

Progressive offers about of the best motorcar insurance for Colorado drivers who take a spotted driving history including DUIs or other reckless driving demeanor. Progressive offers industry-exclusive tools and discounts that can assistance drivers salvage coin on auto insurance in Colorado.

Along with measure types of auto insurance, you lot tin can become the following coverages:

* Roadside assist:Includes lockout services, fuel delivery, apartment-tire changes, and towing
* Loan/lease reward:Covers the deviation betwixt your totaled car’sec marketplace value too the total yous have left on your loan
* Rental motorcar reimbursement: Covers upwards to $fifty per twenty-four hour period for rental motorcar reimbursement if your car is inwards the store overnight for a covered repair
* Custom parts in addition to equipment coverage:Covers the price of replacing aftermarket accessories after sustaining harm inward a covered incident
* Rideshare coverage:Covers Uber in addition to Lyft drivers

Progressive as well offers impressive discounts that hand the company a leg-upward on competitors, such every bit the Name Your Price®tool together with the Snapshot®program that assistance customers save coin:

* Name Your Price:When you’re getting a Progressive quote online, get into the amount you want to pay together with get matched alongside Progressive car insurance plans that correspond your budget.
* Snapshot:Once you’re a customer, you tin can download this app on your ring to monitor safety driving habits that could qualify you lot for discounts.

Pros Cons Easy quotes process Average claims process Superior fiscal force rating and A rating from the BBB Mixed customer service reviews Great choice for high-gamble drivers Higher rates than close to competitors Several coin-saving features Progressive too has discounts for adept students, armed forces personnel, as well as prophylactic drivers. To larn more well-nigh this automobile insurance provider, read ourProgressive automobile insurance review.

#four Allstate: Best Local Service

Allstate provides swell local agents for motorcar insurance inwards Colorado. The provider has been inwards concern since 1931, together with it has earned an impressive industry standing amongst an A+ rating from the BBB together with a fiscal strength rating of an A+ from AM Best.

Some standout coverage options from Allstate include:

* Personal umbrella insurance:Covers the toll of repairs subsequently at-fault claims that top your policy’s liability limits
* Rideshare insurance: Best for drivers who want coverage piece driving for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft
* Mexico go insurance: Covers you piece driving inwards Mexico
* Drivewise®:A employment-based safety driving app that grants y’all upwardly to fifteen pct off for practicing expert driving habits

Pros Cons Works through a network of local agents inwards all l states


Superior financial strength rating together with an A+ rating from the BBB

Mixed client service reviews

Mileage-based discount programme available

If Allstate machine insurance interests you lot, read more than about coverage inwards ourAllstate car insurance review.

#five Esurance: Best High-Tech Car Insurance In Colorado
Esurance is owned by Allstate simply has completely sort out automobile insurance coverage in addition to discounts. The insurer has an impressive reputation amongst an A- rating from the BBB and an A+ from AM Best for financial forcefulness.

Esurance also offers discounts that could help Colorado drivers salve money on machine insurance, including:

* Fast five discount:Save 5 per centum on your outset term of coverage for starting an online quote inwards the machine insurance buying process.
* DriveSense:Esurance’second app qualifies customers for condom driving discounts.
* Fuelcaster: Get aid finding cheap gas inwards your place.
* Coverage counselor:Complete a curt survey to determine which Esurance motorcar insurance plans would best correspond your needs before y’all go a quote.
* Esurance mobile app:File claims, make do the vehicles on your policy, thought your insurance bill of fare, together with more with the app.
* east-Star:eastward-star facilities mark 1,400 repair shops within the Esurance network. If y’all choose i of these for repairs, repairs are guaranteed for the fourth dimension yous ain the car.

Pros Cons Superior fiscal strength rating from AM Best

High rates

Multiple apps as well as online tools to access your account

Customers cannot come across alongside agents inward-person

Mixed client service reviews

To detect out more than almost this provider’second coverage, read our completeEsurance car insurance review.

If y’all are cook to compare multiple automobile insurance quotes to observe the best Colorado motorcar insurance for yous, go in your cypher code inward the tool below.

What Is The Minimum Required Colorado Car Insurance?
Every land has financial responsibility laws that dictate what type of insurance is mandatory. Most states alone postulate liability insurance – this type covers bodily injury as well as property harm for other people in accidents that you lot effort.

In the example of Colorado, you lot are required to acquit this minimum insurance coverage:

* $25,000 bodily injury liability per somebody
* $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
* $15,000 belongings impairment liability per accident

You’ll run across these limits written every bit 25/l/fifteen when shopping for machine insurance in Colorado. Since these are liability coverage, they use to other people inward accidents y’all effort. It power sound like $25,000 is a skilful total of bodily insurance coverage, just it tin actually disappear pretty speedily. Bodily injury coverage pays for some other political party’sec medical bills, lost reward, pain in addition to suffering, and funeral costs. It tin also pay for legal fees if person sues yous because of an accident.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average bodily insurance claim inward 2018 was $15,785. Some states solely necessitate $xv,000 in coverage, merely the Colorado automobile insurance minimum gives you a flake more room. However, that’sec but the average. If you lot hap to campaign a more than serious accident, yous power take to pay well beyond that sum. Unfortunately, your insurance society won’t cover whatsoever more than your policy limits let, as well as you lot’ll have to pay for the excess liability.

MedPay: Colorado Car Insurance State Suggestion
Even if you lot select the minimum requirements for coverage when shopping for motorcar insurance inwards Colorado, y’all’ll find that medical payments coverage (MedPay) is included automatically. MedPay covers your own medical costs no matter who caused the accident. Colorado motorcar insurance regulations involve carriers to offering $v,000 inward MedPay when y’all request a quote. If y’all desire to become without MedPay coverage, you take to pass up it inward writing.

Why Does Colorado Suggest This Coverage?

Well, it all started with Colorado Senate Bill which was passed inwards 2008. At that time, the legislature saw a job with the Colorado machine insurance arrangement. Trauma wellness providers treated car crash victims right away only and then had to wait many months to have compensation. Compensation would live paid out when the claim was settled, just it could accept months or fifty-fifty years for that to take place.

How Does MedPay Work?

Because of the 2008 bill, virtually Coloradans accept at least $five,000 in MedPay. The policy alone adds a few dollars to a monthly payment, simply it has helped the trauma tending organisation immensely. It can as well be a lifeline for people who don’t accept health insurance since they tin can go handling right away.

Another prissy matter almost MedPay is that it doesn’t acquit a deductible. People who have wellness insurance can even purpose MedPay to pay their wellness insurance deductible to avoid out-of-pocket costs later on an accident. MedPay inward Colorado also applies to anyone who is inwards your car at the time of the accident, whether they take a policy alongside MedPay or not.

Finally, wellness insurance companies have a correct to reimbursement when y’all settle a bodily injury claim. For case, permit’s tell you lot were the victim inward an accident together with needed $10,000 inward medical tending. You filed a claim alongside the other driver’s insurance company in addition to had to look two years for village, but your own wellness insurance companionship paid for your tending in the brusk term. After your claim was settled, your wellness insurance company then required you to pay back the $ten,000 yous received for handling.

However, wellness insurance companies tin can’t request reimbursement from MedPay claims. So, inward the scenario above, permit’sec enjoin y’all function $five,000 from MedPay too $5,000 from your wellness insurer. In that example, you would withal become a $10,000 settlement, simply yous would alone accept to pay dorsum $5,000 to your health insurance fellowship.

Other Colorado Car Insurance Coverages

Below are a few more than common types of auto insurancein Colorado. These options are beyond the state minimum coverage requirements, but it can live a good idea to have them.

* Collision: This pays for repairs to your auto from damage caused by an accident. It tin can utilise regardless of who is at error. If you lot were not at fault in an accident, your Colorado car insurance fellowship volition try reimbursement from the at-fault party.

* Comprehensive automobile insurance: This coverage pays for repairs not related to an accident. It covers burn impairment, alluvion, vandalism, in addition to hail, for case. Comprehensive coverage as well carries a deductible. The term “total coverage” commonly way the combination of liability, collision, in addition to comprehensive coverage.
* Underinsured motorist/uninsured motorist (UIM/UM): This coverage protects yous from accidents caused by soul without plenty insurance or none at all. While UM/UIM technically comes inward bodily injury in addition to holding damage varieties, you tin solely go bodily injury UM/UIM under auto insurance inwards Colorado. That’second because your belongings impairment liability too covers UM/UIM claims in Colorado.
* Personal injury protection (PIP): This option covers medical bills no thing who is at fault. However, it tin can besides comprehend lost reward, expiry benefits, and childcare costs afterwards an accident, which MedPay doesn’t embrace. PIP commonly has a deductible, likewise. PIP isn’t equally common inwards Colorado today equally it was earlier 2003 – that’s when Colorado switched from a no-error organization to a fault-based organisation.

Some Colorado motorcar insurance companies may offering extra options similar:

* Gap coverage: If your auto is totaled, this pick covers the difference between your automobile’second current value in addition to the total y’all take left to pay on your loan.
* Roadside aid plans: Many Colorado automobile insurance companies tin furnish aid alongside towing, spring-starts, spare installation, in addition to more than.
* Accident forgiveness insurance: With this option, your average rates won’t become upwardly because of 1 accident. Depending on the society, yous can purchase this coverage or yous tin can receive it every bit a advantage for multiple claim-free years.
* Rental reimbursement: This pays toward a rental auto patch your motor vehicle is inward the store subsequently a covered repair. Insurance companies inward Colorado can ask you to take collision or comprehensive coverage to get this choice.

Final Thoughts On Car Insurance In Colorado

Ultimately, the degree of coverage you select comes down to what you lot are nigh comfortable amongst, together with the provider y’all pick out should live the i that’second best for your individual needs. We recommend getting motorcar insurance quotes from several dissimilar companies when shopping for Colorado automobile insurance.

Enter your zip code inward the tool below to collect too compare motorcar insurance quotes from providers available in your country:

Who has the cheapest car insurance inwards Colorado?

According to our rate estimates, USAA offers the cheapest motorcar insurance inwards Colorado at $i,070 per twelvemonth on average for total coverage. However, not everyone qualifies for USAA. Geico offers the next best charge per unit at $ane,198 per yr.

What is the best auto insurance society in Colorado?

After comparing many providers on price, coverage, in addition to customer service, nosotros chose Geico every bit the best car insurance society inwards Colorado. Geico offers very affordable rates plus a broad reach of coverage options for drivers to select from.

How much does motorcar insurance price per calendar month in Colorado?

Drivers inwards Colorado pay virtually $94 per calendar month for motorcar insurance on average according to the NAIC. However, that issue can rising equally high as $240 or more if you take bad credit or a bad driving record.


In an attempt to furnish accurate together with unbiased data to consumers, our skillful review team collects information from dozens of motorcar insurance providers to formulate rankings of the best insurers. Companies receive a mark in each of the following categories, too every bit an overall weighted mark out of 5.0 stars.

* Industry Standing: Insurers amongst stiff financial ratings too client-offset business organisation practices have the highest scores inward this category.
* Availability: We see availability by land besides equally exclusions for specific groups of drivers.
* Coverage: This rating is based on types of insurance available, maximum coverage limits, too add together-on policies.
* Cost and Discounts: Our research squad reviews machine insurance charge per unit estimates generated past Quadrant Information Services for a diverseness of drivers inwards every state. Companies alongside lower prices as well as many automobile insurance discount opportunities receive the best scores.
* Customer Service: We comb through client reviews together with consumer feedback studies from experts like J.D. Power.
* Technology: Auto insurers amongst mobile apps, advanced online services together with telematics are more than probable to run across consumer needs.

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