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Making a claim
Need assist, fast? Here’s how to make your ING Car Insurance claim.

ane. Gather the facts

Collect equally much data every bit possible nearly what happened.

two. Lodge your claim

You tin can gild a claim online or become assistance over the telephone.

3. Get your event

Once nosotros take received your online claim, you will live provided with an update within two business days.

It’sec important to accept the following at mitt when lodging your claim:

Policy number

Details of the incident, including fourth dimension as well as home

Other drivers’ names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers, too insurance details

Any witnesses’ names too contact details

Details of whatsoever tow-truck companionship used

Police written report number (if applicable)

Photographs of the impairment as well as scene (if applicable).

For the item on comprehend together with claims, please cheque the PDS Product Disclosure Statements.

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