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Average Car Insurance Cost 2021 – Because quotes vary for every individual, comparing rates is often the best way to find savings on car insurance. Our analysis — based on hundreds of thousands of quotes collected nationwide — backs that up.

We always recommend getting quotes from multiple auto insurers in order to find the rate most favorable to you. Get a quote now by clicking above, or read on to see how much average car insurance costs break down for you.

What else can affect average car insurance rates?
We’ve discussed how the following factors affect your car insurance premiums:

* Company
* State of residence
* Policy coverage
* Age
* Vehicle type
* Accident and credit history

But there are even more factors that can affect how much your car insurance costs:

1. Driving experience
2. Location within a state
3. Insurance and claims history
4. Mileage
5. Discounts

If you’re a 30-year-old who’s held an insurance policy and been licensed since they were 16, you’re likely to get a cheaper rate than another 30-year-old who just took up driving.

Driving experience: Age affects car insurance rates, but so does the number of years you’ve been insured.

Location within a state: Auto insurance is regulated differently in each state, leading to average prices for a full-coverage policy ranging from just under $1,300 (Maine) to over $8,700 (Michigan). But even within a state, insurers considered certain locations — or territories, in insurance terms — to be higher risk.

If you live in an area an insurer considers higher risk due to its rate of crashes, weather or crime, you may be subject to a higher rate than an equivalent driver living elsewhere.

Insurance and claims history: If you’ve maintained continuous auto insurance coverage, your insurer will be more confident that you’ve protected yourself and will usually charge a lower rate. Likewise, if you have a history of holding auto insurance policies without filing claims, you’ll get cheaper rates than someone who has filed claims in the past.

Mileage: Cars that are driven less frequently are less likely to be involved in a crash or other damaging event. Vehicles with lower annual mileage may qualify for slightly lower rates.

Discounts: Auto insurance companies offer a variety of discounts for those who take steps to become safer drivers or demonstrate responsible behavior. For example, adults can take defensive driving lessons, while young adults can qualify for good student discounts.

Forget the averages, how much does auto insurance cost for me?
Our estimates are a good starting point, but the only way to find the cheapest — and best-fitting — car insurance for you is to obtain quotes and shop around for options, either with your own research or by talking to an agent or broker. How expensive or cheap your policy will be depends on how your profile fits the factors we’ve discussed.

To find the best car insurance for you, you should:

* Comparison shop online, or
* Talk to an insurance agent or broker.

You can shop for car insurance yourself online, but be sure to keep track of the coverages selected by you and offered by insurers to make a fair comparison.

Alternatively, you can talk to an insurance agent or insurance broker who can help you find the best combination of price and fit. You should be aware, however, that agents and brokers operate on commission paid by the insurers themselves. Independent agents work for multiple insurance companies and can compare among them, whereas captive agents work for only one insurance company.

Given the different rating methodologies and factors used by insurers, no single insurance company will be best for everyone. To get a better understanding of your typical car insurance cost, spend some time comparing quotes across companies with your chosen method. Auto Insurance Compare Car Insurance Quotes

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